21 Unusual Student Grants and Scholarships to Save You Money

     We all know what grants and scholarships are - a perfect option for those who aspire to learn but aren’t financially able to. Their terms and requirements differ from one scholarship to another. Of course, they depend on the student's achievements and circumstances.

        Well, at least that’s how most of them work. But what if you discover that there are some unusual grants like the one for Starfleet members, for example? And that’s only a single instance, as there are other odd grants. So, read this article to find out about some of them, and you might even receive the one you never knew existed.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship

        The name speaks for itself. If you’re not afraid to get into a sticky situation for as much as 10 000$, then it’s the perfect option. What you need to do is to become a tailor. But not a usual one who uses a needle and a thread. The material you’re going to be using is Duck Brand crafting tape.

        It’s a perfect chance for craft students who aren’t afraid to show off their skills. The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest has 2 categories - Dress and Tux. Each of them rewards 2 winners, so there are 4 scholarships in total.

Doodle for Google Scholarship

        One of the things that made Google famous was these pictures on the main page. They transformed the Google logo to suit or represent a particular date, be it a national holiday or a famous scientist’s birthday. But somebody needs to create these illustrations, right?

        You can use whatever technique and materials you want. Just submit your creation and explain the inspiration and idea behind it. Doodle 4 Google Scholarship winners don’t only become famous, though. They receive a pretty decent reward - 30 000$. 

Tall Clubs International Foundation

        Some people dream of being higher, while the height-advantaged ones may have problems and even psychological issues because of it. Yet, they can participate in the Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship. Mind that the entry requirements aren’t as low as you may expect.

        You need to be  5’10” tall if you’re a woman and 6’2” if you’re a man. These are the minimum requirements for Tall Clubs International membership. Also, only freshmen under 21 can get this scholarship.

Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

        Yes, the Duck Calling Contest, you got that right. It may sound new, but the history of this competition dates back to 1936 when the first National Duck Calling Contest was held. And now it offers financial help to professional duck callers who want to enter the college.

        Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest Scholarship gives you a perfect opportunity to receive 2 000$ by duck calling. The money is received by profits from donations, hamburger cookouts, duck call sales, and duck call pins.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

        For proud vegetarians and animal rights supporters - here’s the one for you. The Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarship gives up to 10 000$ for promoting vegetarianism. 

        Just explain your mission and elaborate on how you tell everyone about the importance of not eating meat. It’s as simple as that. It also needs to be mentioned that there are 3 winners, two of which receive 5 000$, and one who receives 10 000$.

National Marbles Tournament

        Non-mibsters may consider marble shooting too childish and pointless. But little do they know about the National Marbles Tournament scholarship, which offers an opportunity for local marble championship winners to receive financial support. 

        Becoming one of the National Marbles Tournament winners isn’t easy. But it’s a chance for all 7-14-year-old mibsters to finally put their hobby to use. A stunning amount of 1200 marble games is what this championship looks like. It goes on for 4 days until there are 4 winners.

Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program

        So, we mentioned the vegetarian program before. But what about all the meat-eaters? 2 000$ is awarded to the best beef advocate out there. 

        The program does a good job as a sort of community pillar for beef lovers. It connects the prospering companies with the beef market leaders, allowing anyone to receive mentorship in the industry. Cattlemen and Cattlewomen should check it out too, as it offers help with improving leadership skills.

Create a Greeting Card Scholarship

        Well, the name of this scholarship explains everything you need to do. Create-a-greeting card scholarship contest encourages kids older than 14 years old to participate in the tournament. 

        The reward of becoming one of the Create a Greeting Card Scholarship winners is 10 000$. But the creative kids aren’t the only ones who should be interested in participating, as the scholarship also gives 1 000$ to the winner’s school. Good motivation for supporting your students, isn’t it?

Alpine Scholarship

        For those who are really interested in the culture of people living in the Alps, the Alpine Challenge Scholarship is a perfect opportunity. It’s sponsored by the non-profit organization Minessota Krampus, which promotes the heritage and traditions of Saint Nikolaus’ Krampus. 

        Everyone whose major supports any subject that involves Alpine culture may apply for this scholarship. There will never be a better opportunity to study their language, politics, history, and other aspects.

Helen Mccloy Scholarship

        We all love mysterious stories that keep the intrigue until the very end. Do you think you can write one yourself? If yes, then you should check this option. The only requirement is that you’re not a professional writer and have never earned money by creating mystery or crime stories. 

        Helen McCloy Scholarship winners put their writing skills against each other for a chance to receive 500$. So, for all Arthur Conan Doyle lovers, the Helen McCloy MWA Scholarship is your chance to shine.

Fostering Education Scholarship

        Being a foster child is a real struggle. Having walked this path herself, a person named Jennifer was strong enough to cope with all the hardships she faced and successfully entered and finished college. Now, her daughters help all foster children to do the same. 

        1 000$ is given to all Fostering Education Scholarship University of Utah participants so that everyone receives the care and education they deserve.

Foreclosure.com Scholarship

        Foreclosure.com is a website dedicated to everything about the foreclosures themselves, as well as real estate in general. It also has a foreclosure.com Scholarship program that involves an essay contest. The requirements are simple - write an 800-2000-word long essay about the advantages and disadvantages of renting and owning a house.

        The first place is rewarded with 2 500$. The second and third places receive 500$ each, so the possibility of winning this scholarship is pretty big.

Gamers Helping Gamers Scholarship

        Gamers are famous for having a huge and strong community around them. No wonder some of them like to help their brothers in arms. That’s why the Gamers Helping Gamers MTG Scholarship exists. It was created by top Magic: The Gathering players to help talented and promising players get a proper education. The total amount of 20 000$ is given by the fund, 5 000$ - for each year of education. So, what are you waiting for, fellow gamer?

Starfleet Academy Scholarship

        Speaking about gaming, this is probably what Star Trek Universe lacks - a decent title with an endless open world and amazing gameplay. What it doesn’t lack, though, is a huge fanbase, which includes people of all ages from all around the world. 

        They love to help each other too, and that’s why they even started giving Starfleet Scholarships to the Starfleet Members who have been there for more than a year. All the aspiring young starship pilots can now receive a 1 000$ scholarship.

Debt.com Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants

        Among all these interesting and funny scholarship programs, there’s a hidden gem. The one whose requirements lie in the principle of applying to as many programs as you can. 

        Yes, you heard that right, you need to provide the Debt.com Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants Program with proof that you really are an aggressive applicant. You’ll get 500$ if you win. Oh, you also need to write a little information about yourself, but it’s not a big task.

Evans Scholarship

        You never thought that being interested in golf can be beneficial. Well, except you’re a professional player, of course. Anyway, Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship can turn your hobby into a fully paid tuition, room, and board. 

        Chick Evans Scholarship houses winners in special Evans Scholarship Houses located on the grounds of partner universities. The Evans Scholarship requirements aren’t impossible to fill too. You only need to prove yourself to be a capable player and have decent grades.

Go Global Scholarship

        Go Global Scholarship is available for all students who are interested in studying foreign languages. The Global Assistance Go Abroad Scholarship awards young polyglots with 1000$ for their studying needs. You just need to provide Bric Go Global Scholarship with a summary of your language learning experience.

Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship

        Ever dreamed about a fitness-related career? Well, here’s a good chance to succeed in this industry. The Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship application process is pretty simple: state your extracurricular activities and achievements to have an opportunity to receive 1 500$. That’s the best option for those who aren’t strong in maths or writing but are talented sportsmen and women.

Future Designer Scholarship

        As its name suggests, this program is dedicated to helping anyone who wants to become a professional designer. Future Designer Scholarship offers 2 500$ for the winner of their competition. The contest involves creating the best design for a card. Also, to make things easier, CardsDirect usually suggests what the best topic of a card would be.

No Essay College Scholarship

        That’s an absolute flawless victory. There’s finally a scholarship program that everyone has always dreamed about. Just create a free College Prowler No Essay Scholarship account and you’re in. 

        The prize for creating a free account is a $2 000 No Essay College Scholarship. The program is provided by the NO ESSAY service and Niche, whose names suit their requirements perfectly.

Cosmetology Scholarship

        And the last one on our list, but not the last one in general by any means, is the Scholarship for Cosmetology students. Anyone from this or any related field may apply to receive 2 500$. This scholarship cosmetology program is perfect for the ones studying esthetics, fashion design, barbering and everything related.

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